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Japanese Squier Telecaster
Price: £250.00
Fender Strat Mexican
Blue- with Maple neck
Price: £350.00
Tokai 'Love Rock' Les Paul**SOLD**
Price: £325.00
Fender Strat Mexican
Black 1990 with EMG bridge pickup
Price: £375.00
"Replica" Telecaster
USA pickups, unknown origin
Fabulous guitar!
Price: £350.00
PRS Custom
24 fret, 20years old
Stunning guitar!
Price: £1,495.00
Japanese Fender Strat
All original, becoming very collectable
Price: £550.00
Gibson SG
Left Handed, Lovely condition, Rare
Price: £850.00
Spear Telecaster
Unusual, "Distinctive" guitar
Price: £350.00
Tokai 335
Korean. Immaculate. Beautiful instrument
Price: £395.00
"NEW" Vintage Les Paul
New style, Wilkinson Humbuckers
Price: £339.00
Peavey Raptor
One for the beginner?
Price: £130.00
Squier Showmaster
As new
Price: £140.00
Vintage Strat
Re-issued model
Used twice!! Immaculate
Price: £130.00
"NEW" Vintage Gold Top Les Paul *SOLD*
This will knock your rock socks off
Price: £365.00
Tanglewood Strat
Left Handed
Price: £140.00
Liberty Strat *SOLD*
The one to start with
Price: £75.00
Part exchange is possible on 'most' Guitars and Amps, subject to assessment etc. Please contact us for details.
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