The Guitar Loft - Durhams No.1 Guitar Store 63 / 64 The Market, Durham
Squier Special Bass
Precision and Jazz Bass pickups As new.. **SOLD**
Price: £225.00
Indie 6 string Bass
One of my own Specially modified with EMG pickups. Terrific!..
Price: £685.00
Cort Bass
'Very Nice'.. **SOLD**
Price: £165.00
Fretless Bass
Unknown origin Another of my own.. **SOLD**
Price: £135.00
Music man
REPLICA/COPY, 5 string **SOLD**
Price: £200.00
PJ Bass
Price: £175.00
Music man style
Price: £165.00
White, 4 string **SOLD**
Price: £200.00
Thunderbird. Very unusual, one off colour. **SOLD**
Price: £250.00
Part exchange is possible on 'most' Guitars and Amps, subject to assessment etc. Please contact us for details.
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